09 April 2015

Angela Nardiello


Hi, I'm Angie and Reasons to Dress.com is my Italian Lifestyle blog. Originally from Toronto,Canada, I've been living in Italy for 7 years and now work for my husband's artisan belt brand.

Three years ago I had a child and I was convinced that becoming a mom meant my life was over, but I was wrong! Italy has taught me that even parents can live, travel and enjoy "la bella vita". I've found many reasons to dress and each week I share destinations, real Italian street style, family travel tips and what life is really like as an expat here!

I am a super big EXPO2015 FAN! I live it everyday, I breathe EXPO....I see how the EXPO is transforming people in Italy, there is energy, positivity, action and excitement.

I have never seen so many projects to improve daily life and I love the theme! Italians, more than anyone have a deep understanding and appreciation for food, and I have learned so much about what I eat by living here.

On my blog I will be sharing a simple "how to" guide for families coming to the EXPO2015, and I will bring you into the incredible space organized by Reggio Children. If you haven't heard of them, you'll discover that too!

When I first moved to Italy, I lived in Milan for a few months. At the time the city had just put up the first advertising campaign announcing the EXPO2015, and I specifically remember a huge wall-length poster in the subway.

The picture was of two people holding hands and running and the caption said something along the lines of "there will be lights and laughter and I'll take your hand and together we'll explore". It totally evoked that magical sense of discovery of the EXPO. I have been waiting for that moment for years and now it has finally arrived, I hope you will join me.

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