22 December 2014



professional profile of M.cristina Ferri biologist nutritionist and scientific journalist: http://mariacristinaferri.it/en/profil

Si è laureata presso l’Università degli Studi di Bologna, nell’Istituto di Cancerologia Sperimentale con Lode, ha poi svolto un biennio come ricercatrice presso l’Istituto di Chimica Clinica del Policlinico di Verona (Prof. Zatti). È Biologa Nutrizionista in Piazzale Olimpia 24 a Verona. Iscritta all’Ordine Nazionale dei Biologi, ha seguito la Scuola di Perfezionamento in Nutrizione Umana dell’Ordine Professionale. È stata insignita del premio Federchimica per la divulgazione biomedica (MI 27/04/98). Per l’intensa attività divulgativa scientifica, è stata iscritta all’Ordine Nazionale dei Giornalisti, sezione Veneto. Dal 1995 al 2000 è stata Academic Guest del politecnico di Zurigo (ETH). È esperta di Nutrizione Clinica con specializzazioni in diversi settori, compresi i Disturbi Alimentari (profilo professionale sotto su www.mariacristinaferri.it) e ha pubblicato cinque libri divulgativi, di cui uno dedicato alle allergie e intolleranze alimentari. La dottoressa offre anche una rubrica informativa sui temi dell’alimentazione, nella sua pagina Facebook (potete trovarla a FB/dottssamariacristinaferri) oppure via telefono al 340.2773046

The project: NUTRITIONIST FOR EXPO By Maria Cristina Ferri http://mariacristinaferri.it/en/profile - www.mariacristinaferri.it

I’m a Biologist Nutritionist and Scientific Journalist and I’m providing a consulting service on Human Nutrition, for the following topics:

- food an human nutrition (prevention/diet-therapy) - bio-safety/food quality - future opportunities and research trends in human nutrition

My consultancy service is thought in order to support any international-national activity involved in Human Nutrition in different areas, like: health/agriculture/industry/trade/politics/academy/media with the aim to improve wellness, provide prevention or diet-therapy, struggle to malnutrition and starvation. All focused for both present market or/and research on: - dietetic/nutritional problem - development of typical/local agricultural food products - functional and fortified food - GMOs

NUTRITIONIST FOR EXPO was borne just for EXPO2015, but it will follow and continue to exist and act after this time, for all the subjects interested in this service.

To whom is direct NUTRITIONIST FOR EXPO ?

I provide my consultancy to any subject working on food information-food production-food research, like industry and companies/farmers and trade operators/media and PR companies /university and trainers-educational operators/tour operators for wellness/government and politics or religious groups, all if focused on human nutrition.


My professional consultancy depends on the necessity and the specific request of the partner. It is evaluate first of all the goal, than the investment and the timing. It can be for a single project during EXPO2015 or for a more constant collaboration in the future.

If your life moves around “food and nutrition” in some way, maybe you are one of this subject and you need me to support your health/work or business:

Do you want a diet therapy or dietetic consultancy? Do you need a Biologist Nutritionist for your Medical Office/Wellness Center? Do you have a lack of communication on your product-activity? Do you need an expert in order to subscribe the quality and safety of your products? Do you need different dietetic menu for your restaurant-hotel? (like for diabetes, hypertension, health diseases, allergies, obesity, malnutrition….) Do you need a Biologist Nutritionist for your sportive/athletic team? Do you make Transfer Technology and you need a support of a Biologist Nutritionist? Do you need an expert of scientific communication able to talk and write to the general public? Do you search ideas for a communication media campaign about food and nutrition? Do you want an expert for a talk during conferences/meeting? Do you search a professional in order to write a book/article? Do you search a biologist-journalist correspondent from Europe/Italy for your media? Do you need someone who writes a talk for you, for a special argument? Do you lack a trainer specialized on human nutrition and or food products (also GMOs) Do you search an expert on biotechnology communication for food and agriculture?

Here I am, with my professional experience, as a Biologist Nutritionist and Scientific Journalist made also out of Italy. I’ve been for years Academic Guest at the Biotechnology Institute (ETH-directed by the former professor James E.Bailey), often travelling in EU and USA for conferences and meetings.

I’m optimist because for experience I know that in every situation, even the most confused, where “proposals/offers and requests/necessities are linked, there is some hidden opportunity just waiting to be discovered.

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