Come home


Before you know it, Expo2015 will be history.You will have participated in an event with a long and important legacy.

Expo2015 is an event that students and historians will be studying in the future. Like past expositions, its anniversaries will be celebrated and spur conversations about our era and our contributions to history. What may seem commonplace or unimportant to us now might be profound to those in the future. Today is the best time to start shaping that legacy.

Expo2015 100 project is a collection of common, everyday items used during Expo2015. These items will be shared online to demonstrate Expo 2015’s legacy as well as stored for posterity at the Donald G. Larson Collection on International Expositions and Fairs at the California State University in Fresno, California, USA. We need your help in saving these artifacts.

We asked to fill out a postcard to accompany the item to help identify it and its significance , then to place it in an appropriately sized envelope, and leave it in the bin or email us for collection. 

The items have been collected at Casa Corriere on Friday the 10th of July after 6 pm. We followed the event on Periscope.