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Facebook is one of our main channels used to involve users and to make them virtual participants at the Universal Exposition. On Facebook we share different kinds of contents which communicate the messagge of Expo2015, the Participants and the many initiatives that animate every day the exhibition site.

Until April 2015, we posted almost all contents in-house, created by us, because Expo2015 didn’t start yet. Since the 1st of May 2015, after the opening, the Facebook page became a big mouthpiece in order to give Participants visibility, to communicate and promote their roles and their initiatives inside Expo2015.

We use this channel for many functions: to promote performances and initiatives, creating dedicated events, and to create network with Participants Social Media Managers.

Also users can communicate directly with us, through this channel, by comments and in-box messagges,  and we answer them to make the experience at Expo2015 unforgettable.