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Nutrition is the main theme of Expo2015: during the Exposition some of the most eaten foods in the world are celebrated, from milk to bread, until the ice cream. Each celebration is followed on our Official Account on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, each one with a specific hashtag.

#FestadelLatte | 29 May 2015

The first celebrated food at Expo2015 has been the milk, on the 29th of May. The Participants presented events and food tastings about milk. We created and dedicate graphics to the participants and their events, followed on social networks with the hashtag #FestadelLatte, which reached the 4th position of italian Trending Topics.

Click here to see the #FestadelLatte Storify

#FestadellaPizza | 20 June 2015

Pizza has been the protagonist of Expo2015 on the 20th of June: the record for the longest pizza in the world has been reached with 1.595 mt to celebrate the iconic food of italian cooking. We followed the event on our channel, since the beginning. #FestadellaPizza hashtag collected a great success on social networks. Also the Facebook post about the record has reached 4 millions of people.

Click here to see #FestadellaPizza Storify.

#FestadelPane | 19 July 2015

The bread is the third food celebrated at Expo2015 on the 19th of July 2015. We dedicated to this food an motion graphics , which has been uploaded on our channels and shared by the Participants. We asked to Twitter users what food they prefer to combine with bread, using #FestadelPane hashtag, reaching the 5th position in Italian Trending Topics.

Click here to see #FestadelPane Storify.

#TuttiiFrutti | 28 July 2015

Fruits for everyone! Fruits and vegetables have been the protagonists of Decuman on the 28th July 2015, celebrated on social networks with #TuttiiFrutti hashtag. We created a motion graphics for this celebration and we involved Twitter users, asking them songs about fruit! #TuttiiFrutti collected the 4th position of italian Trending Topics of Twitter.

Click here to see #TuttiiFrutti Storify.

#FestadelGelato | 15 August 2015

The 15th of August the ice cream has been celebrate, which have animated the Exposition with all its countless kinds. Also this celebration has its motion graphics and we discovered the favourite ice cream flavours. We ate and shared on Twitter all the Expo2015 ice creams, using #FestadelGelato hashtag, which reached the 3th position of italian Trending Topics.

Click here to see #FestadelGelato Storify.

#FestadellaBirra | 19 September 2015

Expo2015 celebrated Beer, the 19th of September. Glasses, mugs, hops and wheat are the protagonists of  the motion graphics made to promote this event, using the hashtag #FestadellaBirra 

Click here to see #FestadellaBirra Storify.