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Expo2015 is the first international event 100% Social Media. For this reason we created a network of relationships with the Social Media Managers of Participants Countries, in order to promote on our channels all the events organized by each Pavilion. Also, we invite the Managers to monthly Happy Hours, which are informal meetings to make the networking more pleasant.

Expo2015 Participants | Facebook group

The Facebook group Expo2015 Participants is a virtual place where all the Social Media Managers and related Teams interact to know each other, to ask, to update quickly about all the events of Expo2015.

Also, it’s the tool to create opportunities of real networking, with formal/informal meetings.


Newsletters are a tool created by Social Media Team of Expo2015.

We periodically sent newsletters to the Social Media Managers, to inform them about events, invite them at Social Media Happy Hours and promote new initiatives of Expo2015.

Social Media Happy Hour

From virtual to real world! Social Media Happy Hours are periodic informal meetings with Social Media Managers and teams of Expo’s Partecipants from all over the world. A moment to share Expo’s life and make relationships real.

Click here to see the Storify of Social Media Happy Hour.
Click here to see the Storify of Social Media Happy Hour (28th August 2015)