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Expo2015 Social Media Hub is a great multi-channel wall that brings all the main players of World’s Fair in the spotlight, The contents, which are published on social networks by more 200 accounts, are categorized in 7 channels:

ALL: there are all the posts of all the subjects involved in Expo2015

EXPO2015MILANO: the channel of contents made by us and other accounts linked to Expo2015 

PARTICIPANTS: contents made and shared by Participant Countries

ORGANIZATIONS: the channel of posts published by International Organizations and by Organizations of Civil Society 

BIE: this channel contains the posts of the social accounts of the next Expositions (Expo Astana 2017 e Expo Dubai 2020), which are managed by Bureau International des Expositions (BIE)

PARTNERS: contents published by Expo2015 Partners

HIGHLIGHTS: videos uploaded on our channel Expotube

Every evening the Social Media Hub is showed outside the Expo Centre.