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Expo2015 is music! During some events, we asked users of Twitter to share songs linked to the events and some of them have been collected in musical playlists, on SPOTIFY.

#WOMENSWEEKS: Expo2015 hosted , from 29 June to 10 July, “L’altra metà della Terra – Women’s Weeks”, promoted by WE Women for Expo, with a full program of international events, dedicated to women. We transformed Twitter for two nights in a female jukebox, with a live marathon, to open and close this initiative, asking the users to share songs of female singers from all over the world with the hashtag #womensweeks. We added some of these songs in our playlist. Click here to find and listen all the songs!

#TUTTIIFRUTTI: Fruits and vegetables for everyone! We involved the users of Twitter for the festival of fruits and vegetables (28 July), posting songs about fruit and using the hashtag #TuttiiFrutti. We put a part of the proposals on Spotify. Click here to listen all the songs!

#FESTADELGELATO: As #TUTTIIFRUTTI, we made the same call on Twitter for #FestadelGelato, the festival of ice-cream. Click here to discover all the songs!

Elisa x #Expo2015: We created a playlist with the hits of italian singer Elisa to promote her live concert  at Expo2015 (13 September) on our channels.

Edoardo Bennato x #Expo2015: a playlist with some of the songs of Edoardo Bennato to promoto his live concert at Open Air Theatre in Expo2015.

Inti-Illimani x #Expo2015: Inti-Illimani is a strumental and vocal group that performed live at Expo2015, the 29th of September.

Radio 105 x #Expo2015: Summer is over! We celebrated the end of the season with a playlist of summer hits, made in collaboration with Radio 105.

Gue Pequeno, Emis Killa, Marracash x #Expo2015: a playlist made for the hip hop night (3 October) with these three rappers.

Mario Biondi x #Expo2015: another great italian artist performed at Expo2015, Mario Biondi!




Elisa x #Expo2015

Edoardo Bennato x #Expo2015

Inti-Illimani x #Expo2015

Radio 105 x #Expo2015

Gue Pequeno, Emis Killa, Marracash

Mario Biondi x #Expo2015