Come home


Where and with whom do we share our food every day? Which relationships emerge around mealtimes? What are our habits? #WeEatTogether is a photographic Call to Action on Instagram by WE-Women for Expo, Expo Milano 2015 project dedicated to women. The Call has been developed by the Expo 2015 Social Media team in collaboration with Instagramers Italia and third sector organisations involved in the Universal Exposition 2015.  The Call to Action is an invitation to men and women from across the globe to document, with one or more images, how and when they share their food. The focus is not on the actual food, but rather on the moment of interaction that is created around the act of eating together. Click here to discover the entire project!

100 selected images will be on display inside the Digital Gallery of Cascina Triulza in Expo Milano 2015. Have a look at the video! 

Check out the video also on YouTube! We used Royalty-Free and Creative Commons sound tracks. A special thanks to The Underscore Orkestra /